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30 May 2012: HazWasteOnline's Package Viewer and Messaging tool released. This tool allows data to be passed between parties (who don't have to be subscribers) to view and comment on their waste classification packages. For example a waste producer passing data to their waste receiver. Visit www.hazwasteonline.com

26 Oct 2011: SWAN/04 added A new classification engine has been added that follows SEPA's SWAN/04 guidelines for the classification of oil contaminated wastes. Users can also utilise a wizard to make it easy to add "Total Oil Content (SWAN/04)" and the four markers (Benzo[a]pyrene, 1,3-butadiene, Benzene, DMSO extraction test) to waste stream templates.

10 May 2011: HazWasteOnlinetm and WM2 v2.3 - The new calculation engine has been released to manage the changes in the revised WM2 v2.3 including the new hazard property H13: Sensitivity (R42, R43) and H15.

14 Sep 2010: HazWasteOnlinetm Version 2 - all 20 EWC codes, 4000+ substances, customisable waste streams and the ability to load 100s of samples from Excel. www.hazwasteonline.com

01 Mar 2010: New software service for classifying hazardous waste according to EU regulations is now available - visit www.hazwasteonline.com

24 Feb 2010: The ability to load data from instrumentation utlizing Campbell Scientific's data loggers has been added to eFacility.

Welcome to the eFacility® Management web portal

eFacility® is a web based application developed to undertake the management of different types of spatial data associated with one or more facilities. A facility is any location where spatial data, GIS maps and documents come together; a facility can be a manufacturing plant, transport depot, landfill, gold mine or even a process. Data examples include environmental monitoring data from boreholes, air monitoring equipment and river sampling, data collected during asbestos surveys through to compliance and audit data collected across an organisation's facilities.

More detailed information can be found at www.onetouchdata.com.

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